About Us

While on a road trip, the creator of Almond Audio (Robert Gordon) was trying to get some business taken care of with his 4 and 6-year-old watching a movie in the backseat and his wife listening to music as she drove. He wasn’t able to focus on work with all the noise surrounding him. When he realized he had forgotten his headphones, he frantically searched for something to plug his ears. In the console beside him laid a bag of trail mix. As he was about to eat a couple of almonds he dug out he thought "Why not see if these almonds can plug my ears?". So he inconspicuously wiped one on his shirt and gently placed it into his ear and voilà! He was shocked to find that the almonds fit perfectly in his ear canal! Go figure; two shapes of creation fitting together as nature would have it. So he grabbed another almond, cleaned it off, placed it in his other ear, and was able to get back to work. After a short moment he got derailed from his work and began to wonder about almonds as earbuds…

With that small, incredibly weird, and impulsive decision to put almonds in his ears, the idea of Almond Audio was birthed and he decided to embark on the journey of creating the perfect pair of wire free earbuds.

Our small team based out of Orlando, Florida has dedicated the past two years to creating the perfect wire free earbuds for you. We are excited to finally bring you the perfected product. We look forward to delivering these pristine earbuds and even more to you in the near future.