Some Helpful Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is the sound only coming out of one earbud and how do I fix it? 

- This happens when the earbuds themselves become disconnected from each other. Usually this happens because the earbuds are turned one at a time. The fix is an easy one, just follow these steps: 

1.  Forget the Almond Audio Bluetooth connections on your Phone.  

2.  Turn off Bluetooth on your Phone.

3.  Place the earbuds in your ears and simultaneously press the Multifunction (M) button on the top of the earbuds.  

4.  Once the earbuds are on you must continue pressing both Multifunction (M) buttons in a repetitive and quick manner simultaneously until you hear a confirmation that the earbuds are paired one with the other.

5.  Once the earbuds are re-paired then you can turn on the Bluetooth again and pair the earbuds to your phone 

After you do this, it should be perfect stereo sound once again! 

Here's a helpful video:


What is the best way to turn them on and connect them?

-The best way to ensure that they connect seamlessly is to place them both in your ears before turning them on so that you can hear them connect. Here are the quick steps:

 1. Place the earbuds in both ears

 2. hold the (M) buttons at the top of the earbuds down at the same time until you hear a beep and it says "power on"

 3. Go to your bluetooth settings, find "Almond Audio" and connect.


Can I make phone calls with these? 

Yes! This is one of our favorite features of these earbuds. Not only do they stream music but they can answer phone calls to. Be aware of the fact that when you talk with people you will only be able to hear them out of the left earbud because your phone can only connect to one earbud while in telephone mode.